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How to Reward Your Employees

How to Reward Your Employees

When you have a company or enterprise, taking care of your employees is as much important as the rest of it, according to engineering recruitment agencies Sydney. They are the ones actually running your company, so in order to make your company run smoother, you have to make sure that the employees are happy and content with working there. How will you accomplish this? By giving them rewards and incentives, you make them want to work for you with even more zeal. Here are some things you can do for this purpose:

  1. Company Merchandise:

This is the easiest thing you can do to give incentive to your employees. You will have several items of company branded merchandise on hand, things like t-shirts, mugs, water bottles, etc. You can distribute them among employees who show good performance and such, these things cost money so they will be happy to receive them for free. To discover further please visit employee benefits in australia link!

  1. An office pizza or cake party:

Who doesn’t love free food? Throw a party in the honor of employees who have been performing well, let them know you care about them and the efforts they make. It may seem like a trivial thing now, but it speaks volumes to be appreciated for your efforts. And the rest of the office gets to enjoy some nice pizza, and we all love pizza.

  1. Concert Tickets:

Award your most hard working employees with concert tickets to their favorite artists. This is a tailor made reward, and you would have to prepare beforehand for this. But on this list, this is the one that would have the most effect. Because you’re doing something for that employee specifically, according to his or her taste. It makes them feel special and wanted, as it shows you’re willing to go the extra mile for their happiness.

  1. Flexible Hours:

Some employees are just starting a family or have a kid on the way, and so in order to take care of them they need some time specifically for them. And working a 9 to 5 job cuts away at that time. But allowing flexible hours to your employees speaks a lot, and in fact is more valuable to your employees than any cash reward, etc. If the employee is allowed to craft their own schedule, and are allowed that extra hour then they may not need to invest in the services of a daycare centre. For more about employee, please visit the following link: employee assistance program.

  1. Bring your Kid to work Day:

These are a tradition in many offices, and for good reason. It is a great way to raise morale around the office as employees will have a chance to spend some time with their children and work at the same time. It allows them to educate their children in what they do, and they can show them around the place. The kids have fun too as they finally get to see what mommy or daddy does.